Suffissocore Interview with Plan Three

What does the name stand for?
Back in the beginning some of us were in two different bands before joining up in a third, new constellation. So out of two obvious choices, Plan Three was a third alternative, simple as that.
What were the ambitions of the band when you started?
Same as they still are today. Make good music together with good friends that we ourselves would want to listen to - and also get to play that music in front of people who appreciate us!
Your last full lenght, “Screaming Our Sins”, is marked 2009. Why did you need eight years to come back with a new album?
You could say that life got in the way. Some of us expanded our families and some of us lost loved ones. We also had some logistical problems and changed record labels which took some time to sort out. That and just life in general made the process go slower. But we are always friends first and foremost so we kept working and hanging out and continued creating music!
When did you start to compose the new tracks?
Our intention was to put out more EP:s after we released ”The Signal - Part 1” in 2011. But that process got held up because of the reasons mentioned before and that then evolved into the making of “Wish I Was Stormborne” instead. So the songs were worked on for quite some time!
I know ‘Wish I Was Stormborne’ has been postponed by the label. What happened?
The main reason for the postponement of the album was obviously that we had to deal with a departing lead singer. Jacob told us earlier this year that he was unsure about his future in the band, so to give him time to sort that out we tried to wait with the release. Ultimately he decided to leave the band after all. But we are very happy and proud to have released this album finally!

Where did you record it?
Who produced the effort? Any particular albums that inspired you in terms of sound?
The album was recorded in Ramtitam Studios in Stockholm, Sweden by ourselves and spearheaded by our drummer Kristoffer Folin who works professionally as a music producer under his own company Purple Skull Music. As for inspiration we always look at both old and new things from all genres. Too much stuff to go in to detail on probably.

Was there a  special  moment  during  the  recording  of  this  album  that  has  particularly  excited  you?  The  recording of a song, a particular sound that you managed to capture, perhaps unexpected...
Many of the songs sounded quite different at first, but when we found the core sound for the song “Burn” something shifted and that kind of gave an overall style to the rest of the album. That was pretty exciting to have that breakthrough and epiphany that we all felt together.
‘Welcome To The Edge’ is a fabolous single. How was the videoclip experience? Where did you shoot it?
Thanks! The music video for “Welcome To The Edge” was actually recorded in an old airplane hangar in the southern suburbs of Stockholm that now functions as a film theater and museum. It’s the same place where we once recorded the music video for the song “When Everything Comes To An End”. We worked with our friend and photographer Mathias Blom and an extremely talented dancer by the name of Daniel Mauricio and it was a really cool experience!
What are the other key moments of the album?
All of the songs are special in their own way, certainly some mean more to some of us, for instance the song “Unveil The Unknown” is a personal favorite for some band members. The singles of course too, with “The Otherside” and “Echo” standing out. But also the more mellow songs like “Carl Sagan” and “Photograph” that have a deep personal meaning for some of us in the band.
You recently had to change your frontman. What happened with Jacob? How did you come up with a substitute? Did you make auditions?
Jacob has decided to focus on other endeavors in his life, things and dreams he has outside of music. He will always be a part of our legacy and a good friend to us but he felt that he didn’t want to hold the rest of us back and asked us to move on without him if we could.
Fortunately we were aware of Viktor, who actually is an old friend of Jacob! If you’re attentive you may have already seen him briefly in one of our music videos!
We did have an audition for Viktor, but only with him as it turned out. We were all pretty blown away immediately by his personality and his voice and musicality, so we kind of stopped looking and just went for it and told him he was in!
Do you feel the new songs will change a lot with Victor at the mic?
Things will definitely be different in the future but Plan Three has always been about testing boundaries and experimenting with our music. At the same time there is something special that we always strive for whenever we’re creating music so in that sense things will probably be familiar too. In the end it always comes down to damn good music!
How is the music scene in Stockholm right now? Are you in touch with other cool bands?
The music scene in Stockholm has always been vibrant and energetic. We’ve been kind of disconnected from that now that we’ve been working on new material and had our issues and so forth. But Viktor has been very active in it all along so the rest of us are very keen on joining in and getting busy playing live and having fun! We’re playing in Stockholm on February 3rd and that’s gonna be awesome!
What are your next tour plans?  Have you ever been in Italy?
We have never been in Italy with the band unfortunately but some of us separately on vacation of course! It’s a beautiful country with an amazing culture and history. The food is fantastic for example! We’re very excited to get out there and play live so hopefully we’ll see you all soon! Thanks!

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