The Common Divided

Are you coming down to watch me go
There’s something wrong about this road
The way it turns, lady luck played us out
There’s something naked, out of touch
Something’s fading, something’s lost
Is that alright, nothing is here to grow

Who was I a week ago
I don’t think I’ll ever know
But it’s alright, everything’s changing

Just hold your breath and you will find
There’s a way to leave it all behind
We are the common divided
We’re the thunder rolling from the sea
There’s a storm ahead so sing with me

Now this is where we used to turn
It brings another stain to the curb
Wipe my eyes, the colors are fading slow
Are you coming down to watch me go
The lights are blinding on this road
I’m losing touch, when do I hit the ground

‘Cause I don’t think I’ll ever sleep
Lay another hand on me
‘Cause it’s alright, everything’s changing

Are you coming to see me rise
I don’t think you can
And I don’t think you will, no

© 2019 Plan Three ·