Brush It Off

You make them wild now
You make them lost now
You’re in the zone
You make them want you
How I want you
Not to go

But everything comes falling down
A silhouette, a smile or frown
At any time all we do is wrong

And I need you, but then what
And I leave you, but then what
Once again I stand here corrected
Thinking it’s too soon to have it all
Hard enough to know what I really want
I start changing with everything around me
I brush it off

I’m walking wires
Over a train crash
I’m holding on
And you, you make me useless
You left me senseless
You led me on

But please go on it feels so good
I need this pain, it’s understood
That every time all we do is wrong

I was here, it’s been more than once
It is carved into my mind
I was here, you were out of reach
Still somehow scars my memories
But I’m still here though I’m always behind
I need to know will I do right this time
Not anyone takes a lie

I brush it off, but then what
Every time I stand here corrected
Hope it hits you hard if it hits at all
Say you finally know what you really want
Maybe then I’ll be gone forever

© 2019 Plan Three ·