All For Nothing

All the lines showing in your face
Bear the signs of a cold embrace
Do you stop when someone else around you is falling

Faith is in our way
They wore you out and cut you down
Everything just seems too far away

I’m taking hits without bleeding
I walk away without leaving
Is it one for all and all for nothing

If you hide everything inside
Do you fool everyone around
When you crash do you think there’s someone there to save you

Do you know the pain I feel
And it grows, is it help I need
When I cry will you be the one that I surrender to

Turn the page without reading
I fill my lungs without breathing
Is it one for all and all for nothing

All that is lost will be revealed
You’re crying out by the weaker
To show that you feel
Don’t need to know, you don’t need to hold
When you’re living life at the bottom
There’s nothing left to show

I close my eyes still I’m seeing
I’m wide awake when I’m dreaming
Now is it one for all and all for nothing

© 2019 Plan Three ·